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Game on!

After a bit of an editing hiatus (sorry about that), we are back at it! Over our summer vacation, we had the first opportunity ever to get together as an entire GOON group and play some games, so we played a bunch of board games!

Many games were played – those we discuss on this episode is Deadwood by Fantasy Flight Games, Tokaido from Passport Game Studios, Boss Monster by Brotherwise Games and Battlestar Gallactica from Fantasy Flight Games.

We also discuss what we’ve been playing for video games, as well as preview our next game for the Gamecast, Rogue Legacy.

Also, we’re having a… SHOW NOTES CONTEST! If you’re reading this, you can win! Just email gameongoons@gmail.com with what games and/or TV Shows each of our five break music songs are from/referencing (the last one is a tad tricky). First person to guess correctly gets a free month of PS Plus! (more…)

This episode contains complete spoilers of the end of South Park: The Stick of Truth

Game On, Oblivious Noobs!

We’ve finished the game and oh what an experience it was! Listen to us break down the final day of South Park: The Stick of Truth in all of its glory. We each also give our reviews of the game and let you know whether you should Buy it, Skip it, or Rent it! And we have a few laughs along the way, as always…

Sorry for the delay! Summer vacations and hectic work schedules affected the time and sanity needed to complete the editing process. But it’s here so enjoy!

No matter what, join us in our discussion of the game in this final part of our three episode arc.

This episode contains complete spoilers of the first half of South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Game On, Oblivious Noobs!

We’re back and deep into our playthrough of South Park: The Stick of Truth! Listen to the gamecast to find out our thoughts on all of the trials and travails in the middle portion of the game. Plus, we discuss what our summons would be if the kids could call on us in battle!

So join us in discussing what happened and our thoughts on where the game is going as we continue to delve almost as deep into the game as our enemies do into Mr. Slave’s ass!

Game On, Oblivous Noobs!

Welcome to Episode #3 of the Gamecast!

This time, we’re off-topic, discussing our gaming consoles and why we have them along with why we don’t own the other consoles.

Then, that branches into a larger discussion about Nintendo – what we think about them and if we believe they are in trouble and need to try to right the ship in some way.

We also talk about the games we have been playing as of late and we also listen to some listener email!


My girlfriend is a huge fan of Batman, and after seeing a teaser video for Injustice: Gods Among Us we had to check the game out on Playstation 3. We loved it. She had never played a fighting game before, but we thoroughly enjoyed playing through the storyline together, taking turns with the fights.

One day, she was messing around in the App Store on her iPhone, and she saw there was a mobile version for free. She downloaded it and showed it to me. You collect cards of the DC Universe characters, and fight through battles by tapping, swiping and holding down two fingers on the touch screen at once. It was a decent experience, but I’m not a huge fan of mobile gaming, and the small screen failed to hook me.


After walking through the nine best games of the year that I haven’t played yesterday, today we’ll jump back into one of my favorite games of the year (even though it came out last year). Coming back down from the cosmos, we find ourselves entering a lawless world where violence is the name of the day and success means you’ve found a rarer, more elaborate gun in…

Game #10

Borderlands 2 is one of the most fun and action splattered first-person shooter games that has ever been made. It advances the scope of the original game by taking everything and ramping it up another few notches, including the action, the difficulty and especially the humor.

Whereas Gearbox Studios’ original title in the franchise introduced us to the world of Pandora and the lawless, wild west nature of the world, the sequel brings us into the gold-rush, with vault hunters scouring the planet and battling each other to find the biggest vaults and all of the treasures within.

One of the first innovations you will uncover in this game is the change-up of the four main character classes in the game. Whereas the first game created character classes with the basic sniper, heavy support and other typical online game classifications, Borderlands 2 takes the classes and develops them a bit. The focus seems to be on making it so character classes aren’t tied to specific types of guns as much as ways to play the game based upon their special class ability.

The characters you play aren’t the only thing that have abilities – the guns you find throughout the game also add special effects you can utilize at the right times to get you through some of the more difficult battles.

And there are plenty of difficult gunfights, early and often. I hadn’t played the game more than five minutes and I was  struggling to take down a group of baddies. We quickly learned that we couldn’t play the game the same way as the beginning of the last game. And after only two of those battles, you also learn that ammo is scarce and needs to be managed well to succeed in the game.

You may have noticed that I mentioned “we” there. That is because Borderlands 2, similar to the previous game, is best experienced in co-operative (co-op) play with one to three extra players joining you in the mayhem. Journeying with just a second player to assist makes Pandora that much more interesting and exciting. And unlike other FPS games, the experience with co-op is seamless with the single player action, not some tacked-on mode that is not as in-depth as the main game.

Ultimately, I have only played about four hours of the game so far, so there is still much more of the world of Pandora for me to discover. But, I can already tell that the game is a much more enjoyable and rewarding game than its predecessor. I am definitely looking forward to journeying through with some friends and taking out wave after wave of psychos with my exploding-bullet loaded assault rifle.

Have you played Borderlands 2? If so, let me know if your experience is similar to mine. Also, let me know what character class you enjoy the most and why.

Where to Buy

Borderlands 2 can be found pretty much anywhere for about $25 – $30. It is available on the PC, XBox 360 and PS3. Currently, for the month of December, Borderlands 2 can be downloaded for free for all PlayStation Plus members, which is well worth the subscription cost alone.

The game is also available for 75% off, including all downloadable content on Steam for the holiday sale (thanks for the heads-up Dale).

Yesterday, we ventured into how inappropriate a card game can get with Cards Against Humanity. Today, we will look at how inappropriate a video game can get with:

Game #4

Now, the chances of a loved one being a video game player that hasn’t purchased this game already is probably pretty slim (it did make $1 Billion dollars in its first three days on the market). But, if they haven’t and they are old enough to play Mature-rated games (17+), you have to buy them this game.

The fifth installment in the series isn’t just more of the same; it is bigger, badder and online-ier (?).

That is right: the game’s storyline branches between three different characters (seen above in order: Trevor, Franklin and Michael) and includes 69 direct missions with nearly as many side missions, races and other unique quests that add up to a far longer experience  than that of GTA IV. And it is also a much more cohesive story, with characters that are unique and make sense doing the things they are doing.

The world of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is also gigantic – at least triple the size of GTA IV and probably larger than all GTA games combined since GTA III was released on PlayStation 2 in 2001.

The world of GTA IV (inset) compared to GTA V

Other than being larger and more extensive, this game also does tend to take the content to the extreme as well. I will say it again, this game IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. The game includes large amounts of swearing, many instances of characters making questionable actions or comments, a strip club with partial nudity, and one unskippable interrogation scene that draws many similarities to an early scene in Zero Dark Thirty (it may also be taken from Dick Cheney’s dreams). This game pushes the envelope, intentionally, so make sure the person you are buying it for is ready for a game with these types of experiences.

The other major addition in this iteration is Grand Theft Auto: Online, which acts as a separate always-online, open world experience. The player creates their own character and then plays online with up to 15 other people, both friends and foes, facing off in deathmatches, races, missions (both cooperative and competitive) and unorganized hi-jinx.

Having logged about 12 hours, there are always things to find in this mode, though it is quite a bit less directed than the single-player experience. It is ultimately best traversed with a buddy or two to add to the enjoyment. The most fun moments have been just tooling around town, trying to break into different areas with a pal in tow, something that is much more rewarding than “going solo” in the single-player game.

And the game’s developer Rockstar is planning on adding to the already existing content with online heists, new game modes and possibly even new cities (Vice City anyone) in the future, which makes it another gift that keeps on giving the whole year round.

If you’ve enjoyed the previous games in the series, this is a no-brainer of a buy. If you played the previous games but tended to get bogged down in the story as it progressed, give this version a go as it does a much better job of keeping it interesting with set-piece moments and switching between characters. If you didn’t like GTA before because of control issues, many of those are resolved, so I would also recommend giving the series a second chance.

Check back after Christmas for our full review of GTA V and our thoughts about GTA Online thus far.

Have you played the game? If so, what are some of your favorite parts of the game? I know the heists are probably my favorite. Let know what your favorite things are about this game in the comments below.

Where to Buy

This game is available for XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 and can be purchased at all retailers that sell games.

Purchase online at Amazon here (it currently is discounted by $20, so pick it up now!).

Yesterday we started off the 12 Games of Christmas with a program that allows subscribers to download multiple games for free. Today, we are getting down to a specific game from a widely recognized franchise that is quite amazing. Well, enough waiting, here is:

Game 2 of the 12 Games of Christmas

The Walking Dead is based in the same world as the comic book series created by Robert Kirkman and the AMC Television series created by Frank Darabount. However, it is a completely original story within that universe and other than a couple of cameos from a couple of characters popularized by the TV series, it stands on its own.

The game, created by Telltale Games, was built as five episodes released incrementally over time that tells the story of Lee Everett, a college professor on his way to prison for murder when the zombie outbreak began, and Clementine, a child separated from her parents and alone in the world.

The story, similar to the series and comics, focuses around these two characters and the people they meet (both friend and foe) as they attempt to survive a zombie infested world. The one difference is you as the player have the ability to alter the chain of events in the story as well as the relationship that Lee has with other characters.

The Walking Dead hearkens back to more traditional interactive adventure games. Within each environment, Lee is given basic interactions with objects and individuals to find a way through that area. At each level, you have a basic problem to solve. One may be how to escape a room while avoiding zombies, while another can be deciding which characters plans are right and which ones are wrong.

To give you a better idea, here is a walkthrough of the demo for the game, which pulls pieces of the first episode and visualizes what I am describing..

While the gameplay itself isn’t revolutionary, the branching story that changes as you go through the episodes feels new. For instance, in Episode 1, A New Day, you have to choose one of two characters to save, which affects who you play alongside through a majority of the game. Also, in the early parts of the game, you will decide which characters to support in their decisions for the group, which has an impact near the end of the game as to which characters will help you through to the end.

It is a very interesting concept and makes it feel like the experience is something you played a part in creating. Along with that is a phenomenally well-written and touching story.

Season 1 along with add-on content 400 Days, are widely available now. Season 2, which picks up the story where it left off in Season 1 Episode 5 No Time Left, will be available on Steam and XBox Live Arcade on Tuesday, December 17.

I cannot recommend this any more highly as it is an incredibly touching game.  You cannot help but become invested in both Lee and Clementine and some of the other supporting characters.  Which makes it that much more crushing when bad things happen. A full review of the game will be coming in the near future, so keep tuned in.

Have you played the game? Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

Where to Buy

The Walking Dead: Season 1 is available for the majority of gaming systems. It is purchasable for download for gaming consoles on XBox Live Arcade (XBLA) and PlayStation Network (In fact, the full game is free currently on the XBLA, so you should definitely download it!) . It is also available on Steam and Amazon for download on PC.

The game can also be found at most game retailers in its entirety in disc form. Prices for all of these options range from $25 to $35 for the entire game.


‘Tis the season to be merry! It also ’tis the season to be out and about, braving the cold and the crowds to shop endlessly and tirelessly for your loved ones. Either that, or you’re looking to take a break from thinking about others and want to purchase a gift for yourself.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a difficult time determining what to buy for other folks or even sometimes for yourself when deciding to “Treat yo’self!”

Have no fear! Over the next twelve days, I am going to be giving you twelve game related items or ideas that you can stuff into other people’s stockings or use to spice up your holiday celebrations. This also will serve as my “Best of 2013” gaming rundown.

So, without further ado, let us begin the The 12 Games of Christmas!

Game #1

If you have anyone on your shopping list that owns a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita, I am going to save you a ton of time: This is a Must Buy!

I know what you may be thinking, it seems kind of lame to buy them just a card to open up on their Christmas celebration, but this ends up being much more than just a card.

PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) is a subscription that comes in lengths of three or twelve months. With this subscription, gamers receive access to download games for free each month on the PlayStation Network Store (PSN Store) and receive increased discounts on downloadable games from PSN. These discounts range from 10% to 75% in some instances.

How Good of a Deal is this Really?

In actuality, this is an amazing deal. For the price of only $17.99 for 3 months or $49.99 for 12 months, players receive immediate access to what Sony calls the Instant Game Collection for each PlayStation System. If the code is entered today, here are the games that could be downloaded and played on PS3:

  • Borderlands 2 (Game of the Year Nominee for 2013)
  • GRID 2
  • Uncharted 3 Single Player (Game of the Year Nominee and Winner in 2012)
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Game of the Year Nominee in 2012)
  • Shadow of the Colossus (PlayStation 2 Classic Remastered in HD)
  • ICO (PlayStation 2 Classic Remastered in HD)
  • Hotline Miami
  • Zen Pinball 2: Star Wars Pinball
  • ibb & obb
  • Poker Night 2
  • LittleBigPlanet Karting
  • Galaga Legions DX

That’s a lot of games! And I can attest that both Borderlands 2 and XCOM are amazing games.

Add to that every month, one to two more games will be available to download, and you can see how this can be an insane amount of value.

And that isn’t even including the six games available for Vita and two games available for PS4 at this time. And each of those is scheduled to get at least one new game a month as well moving into the future. That increases the value that much more for someone who owns multiple Sony systems.

As an addition, if the person has purchased or is looking at purchasing a PS4 in the near future, the system requires PS Plus to play games online, so that adds to the benefit of having a membership.

What if the person is already a PS Plus member? No worries – whatever subscription amount you give them, once they enter the code, it just adds that to their already existing subscription. So if they had seven months remaining and you get them a three month card, they will have ten months of gaming goodness before they will need to renew their membership.

And what happens if the PS Plus membership lapses or is not renewed? The only downfall is any game downloaded from the Instant Game Collection will cease to work without an active account, so those games will not be available until a new subscription is purchased.

Worried about not having enough space on your PS System’s hard drive to download any or all of these games as they are available? Have no fear.

All you need to do is go to the PSN Store and begin the download. What this will do is add the item to your account as a “purchase”. You can then download these items later at any time from the PSN Store’s “View Downloads” area. This means that if you are like me and only have a very small amount of space on your PS3, just “purchase” all of the games and download them when you clear up space.

Here is another interesting trick if the user only has one system but plans to buy other systems in the future and wants the free games available now to be waiting for them:

One other item to consider: if your system only has a 4GB hard drive, you will most likely not be able to play some of the larger games from the Instant Game Collection. For instance, Borderlands 2 is a 5.3GB download. The largest game I have seen has been around 13-14GB in size, as an FYI.

If you are shopping for someone with only an X-Box system, you can still never go wrong with buying them a membership card for X-Box Live Gold. This is required for all online access on Microsoft systems and has also begun to give users access to downloading some free games, though it isn’t as complete as Sony’s service.

Where to Buy

PS Plus Membership cards should be available at all major retailers that sell video games.

PS Plus codes can also be bought from Amazon.com at the following link:


Are you already a PS Plus member? Let me know your thoughts or send me any questions in the comments below. And don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for the 2nd Game of Christmas 2013!