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On this episode, the guys take some time to break down their thoughts on Avengers: Age of Ultron and their review may surprise you a bit. Also, they take some time at the beginning to talk about Burns’ hatred for panhandlers and over-the-top Veteran reunions (he hopes it doesn’t make him a terrible person, but it just may).

Burns also walks through two other movies he saw during his mini-movie marathon weekend in Ex Machina and It Follows. The fellas also break down the new red-band Vacation reboot trailer, excitement for Tomorrowland and Mad Max: Fury Road, and Brent talks about what the next big thing in movie theater view will be – HDR.

But, most importantly, Burns tries out the new Coors Light Citrus Radler, their summer seasonal. This one may be a game changer (or it is just another light beer). All of this and they drink and drink some more, so clink ’em and drink ’em and hopefully you enjoy (or at least tolerate) the 21st Birthday of Long Distance Drinking!


Welcome back drinking buddies!

It is upon us yet again, another Trailerpalooza! Even with Brent on location in Hot-lanta for work, we discuss the most recent reveals of information and how we feel about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, Terminator: Genysis, Fantastic Four, and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

We also discuss the new pictures of Jared Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad. Plus, we get into a bit of a talk about WWE vs. WCW in the late 90s and early 2000s, the Nepal Avalanche and David Hasselhoff’s new song True Survivor from the movie Kung Fury.

But, most importantly, Burns does a double-book-end of Coors Banquet Beer and Shiner’s Birthday Beer. And the guys drink and drink some more! Prost, clink ’em and drink ’em and join us for more Long Distance Drinking! P.S. – Apologies for some slight audio volume issues in the very beginning of the show, it goes away by the 10 minute mark.


We know it has been a bit, but we are back and ready to get drinking!

On this episode, we discuss Brent’s almost complete turn to the dark side as he has added an iPhone 6 Flex to his already long list of Apple products. With the Apple Watch out, will he want to complete his collection?

Continuing with the Star Wars metaphors, we get a little lost trying to classify who is what evil character in the Star Wars universe at Disney. And Lance says he is pretty sure he is done with Star Wars (we’ll believe it when we see it).

In direct reference to Star Wars and the amount of non-movie content that Disney is putting out there, we attempt to quantify how much of a good thing really is too much and attempt to put us in the place of the creators to see how we would react.

Aside from that, we debrief from all things March Madness and discuss what we did on our vacations over that time as well as give an update on various related enterprises. We also come up with a new show idea, called Between Two Uber Rides and discuss the regular random crap.

Hey There Fellow Drinkers! It is time again for another batch of some Long Distance Drinking!

On this episode, through Leonard Nimoy’s death, we end up discussing and re-living the great career of Michael Clarke Duncan more than that of Mr. Nemo’s (as Lance keeps accidentally saying).

Aside from that, we stick with the “Hollywood” theme by discussing The Oscar Nominated movies for Best Picture, Hot Topless Maids and Brently’s proclivity for putting dicks in his mouth. We also delve into the process of paying respect to a TV show or movie by creating a fan-film that is different in style but still plays up the fan-service.

We also give an update to our Long Distance Dynasty on NCAA Football 2014 – here’s a spoiler, the three of us suck at it – and to Burns’ dismay, we avoid playing What’s in My Mouth again…


Happy Belated New Year Everyone!

This episode we discuss why it is we didn’t record when we were all together for the holidays as discussed in the last episode (our title lays it out pretty clearly). We then discuss the things that went down over our holiday break, including our discussion of The Interview.

Aside from that, we delve into the video game we are all playing together, the College Football Playoff National Championship game, a bunch of the trailers that have been released in the last few months, and we play a new game.

Plus, we preface what we hope will be a new game to play along with the podcast in future episodes – Long Distance Drinking: The Bingo Game!


First off, apologies on the sound being a tad quiet at parts and over-loud at other parts. It apparently wasn’t a great idea for Burns to be blitzed when mic testing. Or for an entire podcast, which he was.

On this episode, Burns cannot hide his exuberance at the Gophers beating the Wolverines and winning the Little Brown Jug and explains why it’s important. The guys then tackle the tough topics of the day like the Fappening and Adrian Peterson. Then we introduce a couple of new segments – Challenge the Akinator and Fan Fiction Fuckery.

But, the whole episode falls apart once the gang debates the greatness (or lack therof) of the O.C., which causes Drunk Burns to completely lose his mind. Is it just the alcohol talking or is Burns really that insane? Find out on this edition of Long Distance Drinking!

It’s time again to get your drink on!

We’re back with one of our longer drinking sessions. This time we discuss how Michael Bay is raping our childhoods – and specifically how Lance keeps falling for it. We try to prognosticate where he will strike next and then decide to cast a new He-Man movie, but don’t get very far.

And also, Lance describes how the antiquated methods of measuring drinks, especially scotch, need to be revised. He looks to the cutting-edge system of equine measurement for inspiration.

Drinking rules are as follows:

  • Chug through the entire theme song along with Burns, if you’re cool like him.
  • Whenever you hear a conversation killer sound effect, take a drink.
  • Take a drink each time we say spoiler.
  • Take two drinks for each Michael Bay movie you’ve seen that Lance mentions, because you are part of the problem.
  • If we say something that crosses the line to you (sexist or what have you), take a drink as it will make it better!
  • If you are ever confused about the rules, just take a couple drinks and move on!


This episode contains complete spoilers of the end of South Park: The Stick of Truth

Game On, Oblivious Noobs!

We’ve finished the game and oh what an experience it was! Listen to us break down the final day of South Park: The Stick of Truth in all of its glory. We each also give our reviews of the game and let you know whether you should Buy it, Skip it, or Rent it! And we have a few laughs along the way, as always…

Sorry for the delay! Summer vacations and hectic work schedules affected the time and sanity needed to complete the editing process. But it’s here so enjoy!

No matter what, join us in our discussion of the game in this final part of our three episode arc.

This episode contains complete spoilers of the first half of South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Game On, Oblivious Noobs!

We’re back and deep into our playthrough of South Park: The Stick of Truth! Listen to the gamecast to find out our thoughts on all of the trials and travails in the middle portion of the game. Plus, we discuss what our summons would be if the kids could call on us in battle!

So join us in discussing what happened and our thoughts on where the game is going as we continue to delve almost as deep into the game as our enemies do into Mr. Slave’s ass!

Game On, Oblivious Noobs!

We’re off-topic once again as we wanted to finish up our thoughts on E3 and then discuss the Destiny First-Look Alpha that happened right before that!


Game On, Oblivous Noobs!

Welcome to Episode #3 of the Gamecast!

This time, we’re off-topic, discussing our gaming consoles and why we have them along with why we don’t own the other consoles.

Then, that branches into a larger discussion about Nintendo – what we think about them and if we believe they are in trouble and need to try to right the ship in some way.

We also talk about the games we have been playing as of late and we also listen to some listener email!


We’re back! Out mid-season break has us relaxed and ready to rock out, with our cocks out!

Godzilla is out and we discuss our thoughts; spoiler alert – Lance had issues with it (no surprise there). We even create our own spin-off character from the show (and we want all licensing rights).


It has been debated on both Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the Long Distance Drinking Podcast: Lance believes Kate Upton is hot, but just “generically hot” while Brent and Joe believe she belongs among the hottest of hot chicks on the planet. Now, it is up to you to help us determine once and for all:

How Hot is Kate Upton?!?!

Review the images from the prosecution (or is it more like persecution) and the defense and then vote on the poll at the bottom. We’ll discuss the results on the next episode of the podcast, so vote early and vote often (so before Friday evening).

The Evidence for the Prosecution Persecution

Headshot, fairly meh
No makeup means nothing special
Very generically hot
In something other than a bikini; not so breathtaking
Separated at birth?

The Evidence for the Defense

A proper headshot
Not much makeup (or anything else for that matter)
No description needed…
Showing some range

Closing Statements – Prosecution

The only reason she looks exceptional is because of Photoshop. It is an unrealistic representation and should be banned. Without it she would just look like a Hobbit!

Closing Statements – Defense

B*tc#, you’re not a hobbit, are you?
Can a hobbit do this?
I rest my case!

So, you are the judge, jury and sexecutioner (see what I did there)! How dost thou find the defendant? Place your debate or cross-examination in the comments below!

Is Kate Upton Exceptionally Gorgeous? Or Generically Hot?

View Results

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In our inaugural podcast you get to see hear how three lifelong friends keep in touch using the power of the internet.  Lance goes off on his political views about Amanda Bynes, Burns talks about his love of Buttered bread, and you get to find out if Brent is really an asshole.  click on the play button and let us know what you think.