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It has been debated on both Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the Long Distance Drinking Podcast: Lance believes Kate Upton is hot, but just “generically hot” while Brent and Joe believe she belongs among the hottest of hot chicks on the planet. Now, it is up to you to help us determine once and for all:

How Hot is Kate Upton?!?!

Review the images from the prosecution (or is it more like persecution) and the defense and then vote on the poll at the bottom. We’ll discuss the results on the next episode of the podcast, so vote early and vote often (so before Friday evening).

The Evidence for the Prosecution Persecution

Headshot, fairly meh
No makeup means nothing special
Very generically hot
In something other than a bikini; not so breathtaking
Separated at birth?

The Evidence for the Defense

A proper headshot
Not much makeup (or anything else for that matter)
No description needed…
Showing some range

Closing Statements – Prosecution

The only reason she looks exceptional is because of Photoshop. It is an unrealistic representation and should be banned. Without it she would just look like a Hobbit!

Closing Statements – Defense

B*tc#, you’re not a hobbit, are you?
Can a hobbit do this?
I rest my case!

So, you are the judge, jury and sexecutioner (see what I did there)! How dost thou find the defendant? Place your debate or cross-examination in the comments below!

Is Kate Upton Exceptionally Gorgeous? Or Generically Hot?

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In our second podcast we discuss the likelihood that the NSA might be the first people to care about us (sorry parents).  And we put to bed some very controversial subjects.