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Game On, Oblivious Noobs!

We’re off-topic once again as we wanted to finish up our thoughts on E3 and then discuss the Destiny First-Look Alpha that happened right before that!


My girlfriend is a huge fan of Batman, and after seeing a teaser video for Injustice: Gods Among Us we had to check the game out on Playstation 3. We loved it. She had never played a fighting game before, but we thoroughly enjoyed playing through the storyline together, taking turns with the fights.

One day, she was messing around in the App Store on her iPhone, and she saw there was a mobile version for free. She downloaded it and showed it to me. You collect cards of the DC Universe characters, and fight through battles by tapping, swiping and holding down two fingers on the touch screen at once. It was a decent experience, but I’m not a huge fan of mobile gaming, and the small screen failed to hook me.