Long Distance Drinking 004: Our First Two Parter…… Part Two

This week we are joined, once again, by fellow drinking buddy John Meilner.

We talk Godzilla excitement, Lance learns about porn on the internet, and I read a children’s book.  Hope you enjoy!

2 Comments on “Long Distance Drinking 004: Our First Two Parter…… Part Two

  1. Well you managed to entertain me my whole ride to and from work with this one, so I’ve already forgot beginning. That being said here are my critiques for the week:
    – So yeah so
    – By dead weight, you were referencing John leaving all the dead weight behind right?
    – Kari says, “you are all sexist, and are proof of the devolution of mankind.”
    – Brent’s book definitely sounds like Brent paid Lance to write him a book. The words just sound like Lance.
    – Reasons why you are all single…see Kari’s comment, also talking about virtual reality sex isn’t helping your case, just a guess.
    – I agree with our 1st amendment views
    – Lastly, I miss you guys, its fun to here what’s going on in your worlds even if I disagree with roughly 60-100% of it.

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