LDD 016: We Blame Lance, He Still Blames the Scotch

Happy Belated New Year Everyone!

This episode we discuss why it is we didn’t record when we were all together for the holidays as discussed in the last episode (our title lays it out pretty clearly). We then discuss the things that went down over our holiday break, including our discussion of The Interview.

Aside from that, we delve into the video game we are all playing together, the College Football Playoff National Championship game, a bunch of the trailers that have been released in the last few months, and we play a new game.

Plus, we preface what we hope will be a new game to play along with the podcast in future episodes – Long Distance Drinking: The Bingo Game!

Drinking rules are as follows:

  • Whenever you hear a conversation killer sound effect, take a drink.
  • Take a drink each time we say spoiler.
  • Whenever Brent’s or Lance’s voices go robotic/mechanical, take a drink.
  • Whenever Lance says something grammatically incorrect or somehow botches the English language, take a drink.
  • If Lance corrects himself on his screwed up language, finish your drink!
  • If we say something that crosses the line to you (sexist or what have you), take a drink as it will make it better!
  • If you are ever confused about the rules, just take a couple drinks and move on!

Thanks again to John Meilner for the fantastic theme song. Other musical credit goes to WWE for the Cactus Jack Theme.

As always let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions (or if you want to be on the show). Email us at hobbyboxblog@gmail.com or send a message on Twitter to @hobbyboxblog or leave a comment on the post for this episode at hobbyboxblog.com. You can also follow us separately : @hobbyboxburns, @brentlydavis and @roninclark.


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