LDD 015: Strap on your Subwoofers!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Fellow Drinkers!

We get together this time to debrief from our previous craaaaazy episode. Brent decides he can no longer discuss relationships on the podcast, Lance decides that he should never drink a half-bottle of scotch in one sitting ever again, and Burns continues to say stupid shit he regrets instantly! And makes claims that his voice probably doesn’t live up to…

Meanwhile, we discuss one year of podcasting, rehash many things we had previously discussed, and discuss the TV shows and movies we’ve recently seen and if there is a lack of good, innovative science fiction out there. Oh, and there are a shit ton of conversation killers. And we create a band name – we just need to figure out how to make music now.

Plus, we preface this next episode which we will all be recording in the same place over Christmas weekend (whhaaaAAAAttt???). So send us your thoughts for topics or games we can play while we record what we hope to be a marathon session of (not so) Long Distance Drinking!

Drinking rules are as follows:

  • Whenever you hear a conversation killer sound effect, take a drink.
  • Take a drink each time we say spoiler.
  • Whenever the relativity of time is mentioned, take a drink.
  • Whenever Brent’s or Lance’s voices go robotic/mechanical, take a drink.
  • Whenever Lance says something grammatically incorrect or somehow botches the English language, take a drink.
  • If Lance corrects himself on his screwed up language, finish your drink!
  • If we say something that crosses the line to you (sexist or what have you), take a drink as it will make it better!
  • If you are ever confused about the rules, just take a couple drinks and move on!

Thanks again to John Meilner for the fantastic theme song. Other musical credit goes to Matt Stone and Trey Parker and South Park Studios for their great song that we allude to in the cast. We don’t own it, but we love it so very much.

As always let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions (or if you want to be on the show). Email us at hobbyboxblog@gmail.com or send a message on Twitter to @hobbyboxblog or leave a comment on the post for this episode at hobbyboxblog.com. You can also follow us separately : @hobbyboxburns, @brentlydavis and @roninclark.

1 Comment on “LDD 015: Strap on your Subwoofers!

  1. Wow this may be the worst podcast in the history of podcasts. A “clip-show” is a traditional xmas time of year podcast, but it was less interesting with you all just awkwardly replaying previous topics. I am now dumber for listening to this and may god have mercy on my sole. Kari was also significantly offended and likely will never listen again.

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