LDD 011: A Whole Hand of Scotch

It’s time again to get your drink on!

We’re back with one of our longer drinking sessions. This time we discuss how Michael Bay is raping our childhoods – and specifically how Lance keeps falling for it. We try to prognosticate where he will strike next and then decide to cast a new He-Man movie, but don’t get very far.

And also, Lance describes how the antiquated methods of measuring drinks, especially scotch, need to be revised. He looks to the cutting-edge system of equine measurement for inspiration.

Drinking rules are as follows:

  • Chug through the entire theme song along with Burns, if you’re cool like him.
  • Whenever you hear a conversation killer sound effect, take a drink.
  • Take a drink each time we say spoiler.
  • Take two drinks for each Michael Bay movie you’ve seen that Lance mentions, because you are part of the problem.
  • If we say something that crosses the line to you (sexist or what have you), take a drink as it will make it better!
  • If you are ever confused about the rules, just take a couple drinks and move on!

Thanks again to John Meilner for the fantastic theme song. Other musical credit goes to Biz Markie with his song “Just a Friend”.

As always let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions (or if you want to be on the show). Email us at hobbyboxblog@gmail.com or send a message on Twitter to @hobbyboxblog. You can also follow us separately : @hobbyboxburns, @brentlydavis and @roninclark (I don’t understand why anyone follows him…).

2 Comments on “LDD 011: A Whole Hand of Scotch

  1. I do still listen, Kari doesn’t…length doesn’t matter to me. It just kills time at work. Thanks for the bio, if you need more detail for a profile on the website let me know.

  2. we are divided at this house.. it depends if you guys could like get going in an hour… sometimes i feel like the extra length helps for you guys to talk about more stuff than just you know the boring stuff… so either way it doesn’t matter eventually we will listen.. hopefully it helps us to paint more

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