LDD 008: Lord Loves a Workin’ Man

We’re back! Out mid-season break has us relaxed and ready to rock out, with our cocks out!

Godzilla is out and we discuss our thoughts; spoiler alert – Lance had issues with it (no surprise there). We even create our own spin-off character from the show (and we want all licensing rights).

We also sacrifice to the almighty kraken. Throughout, we make fun of terrible news in Lance’s life. Oh, and we bullshit. And we drink. And drink some more. (Alabama Man!)

Want to get drunk too? Play the Episode 8 Drinking Game:
-Take a drink for each bad accent used
-Take a drink when we mention not paying your mortgage
-Take a drink upon each sacrifice to the Kraken, celebrate a successful sacrifice with four drinks.
-Take a drink with each conversation killer “sound effect”

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