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Time to Build Something, so get out your soldering irons, and fix your broken 3d printers. Time to get shit done!


Let's Make a Raspberry Pi Controlled Vivarium for our Plants!

The Build

Well hello there, and welcome to our first venture into Man Cave Creations.  We're going to have a lot of fun in the coming months, and hopefully years, as we build all sorts of fun things to enhance our lives.

To get us started, I've always wanted to get a little bit more into growing my own plants.  This is going to be especially true now that California has passed the recreational marijuana law, which will allow me to grow up to 6 plants of the glorious herb on my residence.  But, alas, until I have a home with a yard to allow for the space to accommodate such a venture, I will have to make due with something smaller.  In the mean time I will hone my digital green thumb trying to keep my wife's herb garden alive.  

For those of you that are remainders of the first generation of this website, you are probably shocked to hear that I have a wife.  Now I just need to make sure we never talk about her on Long Distance Drinking haha!  

For this build, I will be mainly following the guide on  Once operational I am hoping to customize it to make it a bit more personal, but this should give us a good start.  

Let's get this thing started!

Shopping List!

Here are the things that we are looking to utilize during the build.  Please note that this list will be updated as we go along.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Motherboard

RaspiViv Sensors, Relays, and Components

The Micro 3D Printer Retail Edition - [Black] Auto-calibrating 3D Printer, Assorted 3D Ink - 1 Spool, 1.75mm, 0.5lb., Windows Software, External Filament Port (Optional, I'm going to use it to print our casing)



And, of course, we will need Plants!

Sneak Peak for upcoming build...