GOON Ep. 7 – Summer Board Game Extravaganza!

Game on!

After a bit of an editing hiatus (sorry about that), we are back at it! Over our summer vacation, we had the first opportunity ever to get together as an entire GOON group and play some games, so we played a bunch of board games!

Many games were played – those we discuss on this episode is Deadwood by Fantasy Flight Games, Tokaido from Passport Game Studios, Boss Monster by Brotherwise Games and Battlestar Gallactica from Fantasy Flight Games.

We also discuss what we’ve been playing for video games, as well as preview our next game for the Gamecast, Rogue Legacy.

Also, we’re having a… SHOW NOTES CONTEST! If you’re reading this, you can win! Just email with what games and/or TV Shows each of our five break music songs are from/referencing (the last one is a tad tricky). First person to guess correctly gets a free month of PS Plus!Join in on the discussion! Email us at or send us a message on Twitter @GameOnGoons. Also, check out our website:

Folow us individually on Twitter:
Joe Burns: @HobbyBoxBurns
Tom Awesome: @GOONGamerTom
Lance Clark: @Clark__13
The blog: @HobbyBoxBlog

All music and sound effects in the show are used in the spirit of fair use to analyze and discuss the games we are playing.

Also, a special thanks goes out to those that we pulled our music and sound effects from the website FreeSounds on the episode:
— Theme song “Chiptune Loop” by Kasa90. Find the tune at and link out from there to his Sound Cloud account for more electronic beats.
— The transition “Pac Man-esque” sound effects comes from Rutger Miller and can be found here:
— The other sound effects were taking from NebulousFlynn and are used under Creative Commons license which is linked at the following page:
–For link information on break music, email for more information (show notes will be updated with links once contest is over).

Adios until next time and get your game on!

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