What the Heck Are We Going On About?

My guess is that is what you all are thinking right now (and by “all” I mean the two of you that succumbed to our Facebook pestering and clicked over).

Ultimately, Lance, Brent and I decided that we are opinionated on many things and one way that we can constructively share and discuss that is via the magic of the interwebs! Being spread across Texas, Arizona and California and having a large contingent of friends in Minnesota, the regular sit down, drink and talk it out doesn’t work anymore.

So that is where the blog comes in! We share our opinions and those who know (or maybe even don’t know us) comment, laugh, cry, and enjoy (which is a lot more fun than Eat Pray Love).

Why call it The Hobby Box Blog?

First, this blog will act as a box for us to discuss and store our hobby ideas (see what I did there). Each of us has our own topics that we are interested in and will be discussing and all are hobbies we are interested in participating in more actively. This will be our conduit to do this.

Secondly, as some of you know, about nine months ago, this is a nickname for me that kind of developed (Adepticon tends to do that). When I think about it, it fits fairly well, mostly because of the fact I have always had a hobby box or “my life in a bag” that I would bring from place to place.

What can you expect from us?

We have some interesting ideas for what we want to do and when we want to do it. At this point, we’re going to be mostly just making posts. Some will be in depth posts reviewing an item or trying to voice our opinions on something. Some will be short little blurbs to put something out there. That is where it will start. We have ideas for larger things, but, as we learned in What About Bob?, baby steps to the internet domination.

So, we hope you enjoy. Our plan is to have updates on here at least on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with more items as they come up. It will take some time for us to find our writing sea legs, so bear with us.

But all in all, and most importantly, let’s have some fun!


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